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Forty research articles met inclusion criteria for studies investigating verbal counseling rates and/or types of information provided for prescription medicines in Canadian pharmaceuticals online. On average, lower counseling rates were found from consumer and observational studies compared with pharmacist- and simulated-patient studies. In recent studies, simulated-patient methods have been used increasingly to evaluate counseling practice in the natural environment. The causes of abrupt climate changes have not been clearly established, but the triggering of events is likely to be the result of multiple natural processes. To serve these demands, NASA's ESD is challenged with optimizing the partitioning of its finite resources among measurements intended for exploring new science frontiers, carefully characterizing long-term changes in the Earth system, and supporting ongoing societal applications. Abrupt climate changes of the magnitude seen in the past would have far-reaching implications for human society and ecosystems, including major impacts on energy consumption and water supply demands.

The climate record for the past 100,000 years clearly indicates that the climate system has undergone periodic--and often extreme--shifts, sometimes in as little as a decade or less. NASA's Earth Science Division (ESD) conducts a wide range of satellite and suborbital missions to observe Earth's land surface and interior, biosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and oceans as part of a program to improve understanding of Earth as an integrated system. You don't actually have to have an entirely self-sufficient garden system in order to live off the grid. June 9 (Reuters) - Pre-orders of vaccines for children under age five have been slow, but Biden administration senior officials say they are not alarmed and expect the pace to pick up after federal approvals later this month. A day after Canada officially reported partially immunizing 50 per cent of residents against COVID-19, more provinces stepped up efforts to add younger age groups to the vaccinated ranks.

Infographic: Building a More Resilient AmericaRead Description: How can we make American communities more resilient to disasters before they happen? That doesn't mean you shouldn't do your due diligence to make sure your philanthropy is actually going to reputable sources. “If we have concrete technology, my ability to get the culture change amongst the providers and the people who are running the offices is going to be nil,” he said. Read more: At-home COVID tests are free now, but how can you get them? Shanghai's lockdown, along with COVID curbs in numerous other Chinese cities, have battered the world's second-largest economy and disrupted global supply chains. Primary care is the only health care component where an increased supply is associated with better population health and more equitable outcomes. This report seeks to establish a more quantitative understanding of the need for measurement continuity and the consequences of measurement gaps. This challenge is most acute in the decisions the Division makes between supporting measurement continuity of data streams that are critical components of Earth science research programs and the development of new measurement capabilities. Other challenges include lack of political will due to competing priorities and limited resources, finite time and staff to devote to developing resilience measures, lack of data availability and/or inadequate data sharing among community stakeholders, and a limited understanding of hazards and/or risks.

Earth observations provide the foundation for critical scientific advances and environmental data products derived from these observations are used in resource management and for an extraordinary range of societal applications including weather forecasts, climate projections, sea level change, water management, disease early warning, agricultural production, and the response to natural disasters. Infectious disease outbreaks, acts of terrorism, social unrest, or financial disasters in addition to natural hazards can all lead to large-scale consequences for the nation and its communities. Beyond the unquantifiable costs of injury and loss of life from disasters, statistics for 2011 alone indicate economic damages from natural disasters in the United States exceeded $55 billion, with 14 events costing more than a billion dollars in damages each. As the complexity of societal infrastructure and its vulnerability to environmental disruption increases, the demands for deeper scientific insights and more actionable information continue to rise. Information on directions for use, dose, medicine name, and indications was more frequently given than information on side effects, precautions, interactions, contraindications, and storage. We are just at the beginning of a growing EV trend, so we have time to install far more EV chargers.

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